About Us

In the year 2011 Nick13, panzerXD, and STEALTHy joined together to create a group called the Military Builders. The goal was to create a skilled and quality group of individuals that would not only create awesome creations but to be an example to the rest of the Minecraft community. An example in terms of the creations being made, and the calm and collect manner in which they are made using team work. The group has seen over 100 members join its ranks and proudly call them selves Military Builders. This group which so far has been active on and off for a period of 6 years has some of the most quality and skilled people in the entire Minecraft community. 

We pride our selves on being fair to everyone. To help out those who are in need of help, and finally the joy that is team work when a plan comes together and is then made into reality. 

Expectations are high for this group as each member is entrusted deeply to do what is right. Such as reporting misbehavior and wrong doings and being honest with one another. When this trust is broken it is taken with the great seriousness. 



Our rules are relatively simple. 


1. Be respectful 

2. Do not copy/steal work 

3. Do not upload inappropriate content including viruses, porn, illegal material, etc.  

4. Always give proper credit. 

5. No harassing other people on what they build. (Example: Pink Ponys) 

Server Rules 

1. No destroying and/or griefing other members creations 

2. No harrassing others 

3. Only members with a rank have permission to build 

4. Server Moderators may not add or remove server plugins unless with permission from STEALTHy or Server Manager. 

5. No using any methods that would crash a server by accident or on purpose. *If large schematic needs to be uploaded must be done with staff supervision. 

6. Do not steal/copy/use any work of another builder on the server to be reused/published somewhere else. 


1. You can report abuse of power from a moderator or any other person to STEALTHy for investigation. 

2. You can report any broken rules from any member to the most available staff member. 3. You can retrieve a schematic for any work you have made, even if you have banned from the group. 

4. You do not get demoted/banned based off of inactivity in the group. 

5. We do not sell your private information. 

Policy on rules broken. One warning policy. If you make a minor infraction, you get off with one warning. Repeated breaking of any rule will result in punishment decided by staff. After 3 strikes within a time span of 6 months: You will be permanently banned. 

A single major infraction will result in being banned for an amount of time decided by staff. Anywhere from 1 month to permanent removal. 

Decision for indefinite ban must come from STEALTHy or Heliks Any questions, comments, or concerns Private Message STEALTHy and/or Heliks. Alternative contact is at [email protected]                                                                                                   

Reminder                                                                                                                              Remember if anybody breaks any of these rules to not get engaged in it, and just instantly notify the nearest staff member. You are all in this group because you have maturity, so don't get thin skin.

The Story of Us

Dedicated to making the Minecraft community a better place. 

An Idea is Born

In the winter of 2011 3 kids now adults, at the modest age of 13-14 years old decided to make a pact. A group of people who love the military genre. Kids who loved popular video games of the day and wanted to build the vehicles, bases, ships, aircraft, etc. Into the game of Minecraft. 

First aircraft carrier of the group made by STEALTHy in 2011. (Right)

A Great Team

Once the group was established and principles about it were made. Such as our motto "Dedicated to making the Minecraft community a better place." We then went on a large recruiting campaign. In the first year since our conception we had over 30 builders of various backgrounds and skill levels, all very talented in the game they played with hobby like compassion. 

CVN-78 made by Urbanslick 2017 (Left)

Where we are now

Today we are a group of over 150 members, and over 50 active members of people from all across the world. Some even active duty or retired veterans of their nations military. Today we aspire to be the best we can be not only in how we treat others but in the quality of what we build as well.  


Military Builders Youtube Page  ---> Click Here

Military Builders Website ---> Click Here

Military Builders PMC Page ---> Click Here

Military Builders Facebook Page --->  Click Here

Military Builders Discord Server ---> Click Here

Active Members & Ranks

Nick13 - Founder   

panzerXD - founder

STEALTHy - Commander in Chief of the Military Builders               

Heliks - 2nd in Command

Urbanslick - 5 Star General

hammerfallrex - 5 Star General

seanquaid - General                       

Se1fD3struction - Major General      

BT-ship - Brigadier General               

_NamSek_ - Brigadier General         

squirrel-friend - Brigadier General    

aurvandil - Brigadier General             

TaskForce51 - Brigadier General      

L4UTY_Z3R0 - Brigadier General    

Sukhbaatar - Lieutenant Colonel       

AirshipsEverywhere - Lieutenant Colonel   

Droolie - Major                              

JohnnyCoolwater - Major             

MadeinVietnam - Major                     

Panter3030 - Captain                     

riasuto - Captain                       

daemonbenj - Captain 

Masterjam - Captain 

GARRET2BY4 - Captain                  

Dafuzzes - First Lieutenant               

SuperMatie - First Lieutenant            

Ragin - Second Lieutenant                

McAlpaka - Second Lieutenant          

Tommist - Cheif Warrant Officer        

OneSidedBattle - Sergeant Major of MB 

generalfantom - Command Sergeant Major 

Dinkleberg64 - Command Sergeant Major 

The_Smartass - First Sergeant         

NcQs - First Sergeant                     

Dylan Panzer - First Sergeant           

Nautica Corporation - First Sergeant

Wargroy - First Sergeant                 

OwenJDCanada - Master Sergeant  

Melaaaavin - Sergeant First Class   

Mokokobe - Sergeant First Class      

ZeCodeRex - Sergeant First Class    

GrandPixelMan - Staff Sergeant       

Tigerqv - Staff Sergeant       

MyMasterDesignYT - Staff Sergeant 

Duegann - Staff Sergeant 

Gravedigger7777 - Sergeant             

Rainbou_Fondler - Sergeant            

Sixshot - Sergeant                     

Myth1cbobcat - Sergeant                 

Finman/Wave Creations - Sergeant 

LoneStarPatriot - Specialist              

jwwt4 - Corporal                          

HeyItsLogixx - Private First Class     

Felix_The_Gamer - Private First Class 

Alexthefriend - Private                  

Callsign-YukiMizuki - Private             

FireDragon983 - Private                      

In-Active Members & Ranks

CNC-Minecraft - General

F3RULLO14 - General

Adamm17 - Colonel 

TheChizzberry81 - Major

Mr_Cheach - Major

Unlimited-Craft - Major

AirforceCraft - Second Lieutenant

HeTheRandomEpic - Second Lieutenant  

[Firebros] - Second Lieutenant

Zerkoh - Warrant Officer

Redstone-101 - Warrant Officer

Disy - Warrant Officer

PlatypusDude - Sergeant Major of Military Builders    

Bluetan02 - Sergeant Major of Military Builders        

Sylvain211100 - Command Sergeant Major                              

DiomondBlock - Command Sergeant Major             

killer_waffle72 - Command Sergeant Major     

tim_10ery - Command Sergeant Major

qmans - Command Sergeant Major  CubeeTek - First Sergeant

kaelakov - First Sergeant

Matt_666 - Master Sergeant             

TheWantedPig - Master Sergeant   

Yousif Ali builder - Master Sergeant 

Legomax101 -  Master Sergeant       

Jaikaaba - Sergeant First Class        

FiliPinoGuy86 - Sergeant First Class 

The_Smartass - Sergeant First Class                

creeper_2019 - Sergeant First Class 

spartawata - Sergeant First Class   

Thranduil - Sergeant First Class       

Celestical - Sergeant First Class     

master_sebs - Sergeant First Class 

X_hunter33 - Sergeant First Class   

Twistedsteel - Sergeant First Class   

Seames39 - Sergeant First Class     

Ryan142002 - Staff Sergeant           

Radarfied - Staff Sergeant           

CzitusCraft - Staff Sergeant        

Thealer - Staff Sergeant  

Patriots_Terran - Staff Sergeant        

starferret3 - Staff Sergeant          

Vlad_Pixel - Staff Sergeant             

Sgt_Toast - Staff Sergeant            

Kroindaal/Corcetia - Staff Sergeant   

Tommypoop___ - Sergeant             

-ATOM-- Sergeant    

AerialAceG - Sergeant    

Creamyman - Sergeant          

Elitecommand1 - Sergeant            

TrevorWright - Sergeant                    

TurtleP3guin - Sergeant                     

Pedestrian - Sergeant                     

Ivanm101 - Specialist 

TutsText2 - Specialist       

Essex1943 - Specialist         

doodies123 - Specialist CarsonChrismer - Specialist 

adamtruck130 - Specialist

AightTMVideoGuy - Corporal            

FlippFlopp - Corporal             

oVenomes - Corporal             

FuneralV12 - Corporal 

lone_warlock - Private First Class     

redstonenoob - Private First Class 

The Code - Private

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